Sitting alone makes you think differently. It may be something that you watch daily or use commonly but when you are being alone you take time to observe or watch things more intensely. Some people wish sitting along when they are under mood swings or may be in worse conditions so that they will beContinue reading “Vibe-Alone!”

See it in your mind.Work it in your reality.

If you can see it in your mind,if you can believe it in your heart,if you have the courage to speak it , if you have the courage to own it and the desire to work for it ,you can bring it into your reality . There is nothing off limits. There are no limitations!Continue reading “See it in your mind.Work it in your reality.”

Choose human, Not evil 😈

If a person is hurting you again and again ,even after talking about it, that person is not improving. If it’s been a long time since you were happy inside-out. So,just hold yourself for a few moments… And ask yourself, did you come into relationship for all this shit ? That one is hurting youContinue reading “Choose human, Not evil 😈”


            Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world. Because it’s a mental illness,it can be a lot harder to understand . One major source of confusion is the difference between having depression and just feeling depressed. Almost everyone fell down from time to time. Getting a bad grade, having an argument,even aContinue reading ”         Depression😑……”

Why crying is good for babies😪

Crying helps a lot in communicating. Before your baby learns language, crying is the only tool to demand anything from you or take your help. In fact, even when your baby wants a hug or cuddling,crying would be the only way to tell that to you ! Actually, if a baby never cries at all,Continue reading “Why crying is good for babies😪”

Feelings and Emotions.😀🤪🤔😒

There are 3 words that people use to describe emotional talk about it effect emotion feeling and it’s very complicated because different people use them in different ways but I think the best way of thinking ever is sort of which an image you think of the whole emotion as a tree you can haveContinue reading “Feelings and Emotions.😀🤪🤔😒”

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