Crossed 200+ Followers

It has been 5 months since I started blog writing . At first I was wondering that when I will be able to cross atleast 100 followers because I saw that there are fellow bloggers who had too much followers crossing upto 500 ,1000 and even those with followers over 10,000. I had not startedContinue reading “Crossed 200+ Followers”

Affected by Dysania🛌

Are you the one affected by dysania.?I am. Somedays, I really find it hard to wake up in the morning. I believe in faith. I believe that my morning attitude keeps the day the way it is. When I wake up lazily, that whole day might keep me lazy and dizzy. So I mazimum tryContinue reading “Affected by Dysania🛌”

Until and unless you felt the same..

When we are doing something to someone, we always do look for the benefits we get from those actions. Unless we get any profit from that action, we won’t do that. We would like to share our problems to others like our friends,parents ,colleagues, etc… which brings us a great relief… You might have heardContinue reading “Until and unless you felt the same..”

The World would be a Better Place if We All Lived this way!

Today ,I would like to propose a way of living ,that if you Truly live this way,not only will it improve Your Life almost instantly but it will improve the lives of Everyone you come into contact with. It’s not the Magic pill…. but it will bring a feeling of magic into your life,if youContinue reading “The World would be a Better Place if We All Lived this way!”


You and I have the privilege of getting up every morning and spending time with the lord none of us know what tomorrow holds and so how do we want to start tomorrow ,how do we want to be sure ,how do we want to be able to live peacefully, confidently, bodly,productively,fruitful tomorrow by startingContinue reading “STRENGTH FOR TODAY💪”

Everything happens for a Reason

Everything happens for a reason and we hear this quite often that whatever happens to us ,good or bad we say that ,you know that everything happens for a reason so relax but let’s say it again ; everything happens for a reason whatever it is ,maybe it’s not accordance to our own plans butContinue reading “Everything happens for a Reason”

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