🤔 Are you trying to become an Eccedentesiast?

Hi frnds, As a student, now it’s really hard for me to manage both studies and blogging. But merely i try hard to balance them on both sides. You know ,as due to pandemic corona virus, I was not able to go to school this whole year. So online classes and works are staggeringly gushingContinue reading “🤔 Are you trying to become an Eccedentesiast?”

Indwell 💫

Hi guys, The word ‘Indwell’ might seen to you very strange but I am pretty sure that,if you come to know the exact meaning of the word,you might have some awareness on the topic. Dont worry. I will tell you what it is . Indwell means to exist as an inner activating spirit, force orContinue reading “Indwell 💫”

Until and unless you felt the same..

When we are doing something to someone, we always do look for the benefits we get from those actions. Unless we get any profit from that action, we won’t do that. We would like to share our problems to others like our friends,parents ,colleagues, etc… which brings us a great relief… You might have heardContinue reading “Until and unless you felt the same..”


Sitting alone makes you think differently. It may be something that you watch daily or use commonly but when you are being alone you take time to observe or watch things more intensely. Some people wish sitting along when they are under mood swings or may be in worse conditions so that they will beContinue reading “Vibe-Alone!”

The World would be a Better Place if We All Lived this way!

Today ,I would like to propose a way of living ,that if you Truly live this way,not only will it improve Your Life almost instantly but it will improve the lives of Everyone you come into contact with. It’s not the Magic pill…. but it will bring a feeling of magic into your life,if youContinue reading “The World would be a Better Place if We All Lived this way!”

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