Until and unless you felt the same..

When we are doing something to someone, we always do look for the benefits we get from those actions. Unless we get any profit from that action, we won’t do that.

We would like to share our problems to others like our friends,parents ,colleagues, etc… which brings us a great relief…

You might have heard , when you tell your life problems to someone, they might have said “Yes , I can understand “. Have you ever heard of that statement?

I have heard it a couple of times . I heard that people are saying this statement to give support or else relief to the person who is sharing their problem.

Actually ,what I wanted to ask is , do you believe in that statement?

I dont believe it. They might be aware of the situation we faced or we are facing by sharing those things. But they cannot understand our feelings or our situation which we have faced.

They cannot understand it unless or until the same thing is done to them , the same situation is done to them.

There are also people who dont even care about your situation. Its better not to share things with such ones.

When you are responsible for the problems created in 2nd persons life, you are doing it for your sake. You are doing it because that activity makes you feel happy or else satisfied. At that time, you are not thinking about how that person feels . You will be only able to know it when that same thing happens to you.

You will not understand the damage you did to someone until the same thing is done to you.

If you try to realise the feels they face due to the problems created by you , you won’t be able to create problems.

Thank you so much for reading my post

Have a nice day!

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