Sitting alone makes you think differently. It may be something that you watch daily or use commonly but when you are being alone you take time to observe or watch things more intensely.

Some people wish sitting along when they are under mood swings or may be in worse conditions so that they will be able to think properly and make their own decisions.

When we are surrounded by people under those conditions we have to go for the way others conjectured. It may confuse us, becoz everyone might not be having the same opinions or decisions for that particular situation.

To be alone, helps us to bring our own views and opinions..

But , there their might be also people who will not be able to think properly under certain circumstances.. Such ones definitely need guide lines from parents or other grown-ups.

Yesterday I went to garret and I observed the moon over there. I was sitting alone. I realize that , it had been years i have born and I had noticed moon before too.. but the moon I saw today, the moon I saw while I was alone seems different .. It enables me to think and work differently.

It creates a different, intriguing vibe. Not only people loves to be alone when they are desperant. Their are people who enjoy sitting alone when they are contented.

We are able to listen to what others say . Why are we not able to hear ourself?

I prefer that ,everyone should spend minimum 10 mins per day with yourself. Try to listen to what your mind and heart needs to convey to you. Try to realise everything around you and within you.

In my point of view, I hardly believe that this would help everyone to make decisions in your life precisefully.

Today ownwards, try it by spending time with not others ,but with you. Try to understand yourself more than others….

Thank you so much for reading

Have a nice day !

Published by Sivaprabha


36 thoughts on “Vibe-Alone!

  1. Beautiful words siva…I absolutely enjoyed reading this Blog..verily expressed… when we are alone innovative ideas strikes our heart which we didn’t even thought during a gang of people….I usually spend a short time being alone…it really makes me a soothing ambiance and every single one should spend a little time with you by yourself…☺️

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