The World would be a Better Place if We All Lived this way!

Today ,I would like to propose a way of living ,that if you Truly live this way,not only will it improve Your Life almost instantly but it will improve the lives of Everyone you come into contact with.

It’s not the Magic pill…. but it will bring a feeling of magic into your life,if you live by it. It’s not a winning lottery ticket …..but if you live by these principles,you won’t need a winning lottery ticket …or any amount of money, because How you feel will be the reward,and no amount of money can buy a beautiful existence .

No amount of money can buy feeling of contentment,no amount of money can buy peace or joy.

What is this way of living ?

It’s called Non-jar.

Living in a state of complete non-judgement , non-attachment , and non-resistance to whatever shows up in your life .

Let’s dive deeper into these principles..

If you give me your attention for the next few minutes, I promise it will be a game changer for you.


How often do we judge every situation and circumstances that comes into our lives, as good or bad ?

How often have we all judged situations and circumstances we perceived as bad at the time,but reallythey led to something that ultimately changed our lives for the better.

Maybe it was a breakup, that was devastating at the time,but,when looking back seems like the biggest blessing.

Maybe it was a job loss or difficult time financially that we labelled and judged as bad at the time, but if did not happen,we would not be in the great position we are in now,or doing what we now love.

The truth is we dont know anything. We can judge and label Situations all we like ,but we do not know anything. We cant possibly know the greater lesson or future blessing any situation has for our life in the moment it happens.

When we step back,especially in the difficult situations, and observe rather than judge,we can respond better with more love for others,with more love for the situation and most importantly with more love for ourselves.

When we respond in presence rather than in judgement we can respond better and the flow on effect will mean a better life,a life with more ease and joy.


It has been said that ,attachment is the source of all suffering. Every human being is guilty of this at some point,but perhaps more so the ambitious ones or the “achievers” among us.

It’s those situations in which we are so attached to the outcome that we identify with it and if the outcome doesn’t work out as planned we get upset,depressed or maybe feel a loss of our sense of self.

Non attachment doesn’t mean we dont own things it means that we dont allow things to own us. We dont allow thoughts , emotions and ideals to own us.

It is being able to live and thrive in this world,without being attached to any person,any thought,feeling, emotion or any outcome in any way..

Not being attached to anything ,being any certain way .That means being non-attached to any emotions that shows up as well. So many of us beat ourselves up for getting angry,upset,sad,down or simply not at your best.


Eckhart Tolle says:”Non-Resistance doesn’t mean doing anything. All that it means is that “doing “becomes non-reactive.”

He says:”Remember the deep wisdom underlying the practice of Eastern martial arts: Don’t resist the opponent’s force.Yield to overcome.”

Much like non-judgement and non- attachment, living in a state of non-resistance means you do not resist what happens. You no longer fight what is .

What could be more draining of life energy than fighting what is?

There is nothing. It is why,what you resist persists. Fighting against, creates more energy for the thing you are fighting against.

Letting go,accepting,and importantly stepping back and being aware of what is actually happening gives you power.Reacting not in anger or resistance, but with FOCUS and PRESENCE gives you power to change ANY SITUATION.

When we truly live by these principles OUR LIFE and our world around us instantly becomes clearer with a greater sense of peace and understanding.

Everything becomes lighter and our reactions becomes clearer .It affects not only our life and our immediate surroundings but the entire planet, because what could be more powerful than one person,living in a beautiful state..that persons effect on others,and the consequent compound effect those people will have on more is profound .

What a word or can live in if we dedicate our lives in this way.I pray you all give it a try,in full presence, with pure intentions.

Many blessings….

Thank you for reading.. Try to live in this way …

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29 thoughts on “The World would be a Better Place if We All Lived this way!

  1. Oh wow!! Really loved your thinking! This is so true.. having a positive mindset and not judging each and everyone without knowing would itself make it a better place.. keep sharing this kinda thoughts and your creativity with us!
    Much love! ❤️

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    1. Of course I dont absolutely disagree with you. But nowadays people are trying to live a luxurious life but still they should not forget about the way they live..


      1. Renunciation is a volunteer concept ,, I think it’s not so easy to take that decision,, but I agree with yoir point that despite of aiming a luxurious life one should not ignore elixir of simple life which is peaceful and


  2. Jede Grundhaltung
    hat ihre eigene Schattenseite

    wir sind in einer
    inneren und einer äusseren
    Abhängigkeit zur Innenwelt
    in der Aussenwelt

    das Leben selbst
    ist Licht und Schatten

    jedes Urteil
    was sich in der Wirklichkeit
    als falsch erwiesen hat
    kann zum Besseren
    verändert werden

    das Schlechte
    wie das Gute
    das uns

    ob wir wollen
    oder nicht
    uns tagtäglich
    auf unserem Weg

    im Nahen
    aus der Ferne
    uns berührt
    und bewegt

    der Bestimmung
    des Lebens
    das wir nicht selbst gesetzt

    wir wissen im nachhinein
    aus dem Ereignis
    der Erfahrung
    der Erinnerung
    der Träume
    was uns
    an uns wirklich geschah

    die Liebe die Wahrheit
    sind Worte eines
    der Einheit auf der Suche
    von allem
    im eigenen Sein

    niemand kann dem inneren
    dem äusseren Orkan
    der uns im subjektiven Moment
    ausweichen wenn er uns überfällt

    der Fluss des Lebens
    ist der Wirklichkeit ausgesetzt
    im Sturm
    im Orkan
    dem Frühlingswetter

    die Leichtigkeit
    die Freude
    der Genuss
    darin dürfen wir
    nicht überheblich werden

    wir müssen
    mit unseren eigenen Füssen
    an der Mutter Erde anhaften

    der Verlust der autonomen reinen Vernunft
    hilft das darunter
    das zu heben was schwerer fällt
    zu bearbeiten und zu beackern

    Wir sind nicht Herr in unserem Haus
    der Sturm der Gefühle
    der nicht willentlich
    gelegte Gedanke

    durch die Verdrängung
    werden sie hartnäckig
    in der Erinnerung
    wieder auftauchen

    den Zweifler in uns
    müssen wir nicht herbeirufen

    wir machen viele Fehler
    weil wir nicht wissen wollen
    was die linke Hand will
    und was die rechte Hand zu tun hätte

    der Feind in uns ist mächtiger
    als wir selbst
    gegen das was wir meinen
    mit nichts Tun überwinden zu können

    die Wut ist ein natürliches Ereignis
    sie ist eine Kraft
    die man in sich fühlt und hat

    damit muss man
    mit anderen nicht in den Krieg
    in den Kampf ziehen

    der Friede ist ein Wort der Hoffnung
    das was wir nicht änderen können
    müssen wir ertragen

    wir sind mit unseren guten Absichten
    nicht das Korn
    dass im Acker eines anderen
    die Früchte tragen muss

    jeder Mensch muss seinen Weg gehen
    und mag dieser Mensch
    für mich selbst
    noch so unverständlich bleiben

    der schöne Zustand
    hilft den Edlen
    der einfache Mensch
    muss sich zum Überleben
    mit weniger begnügen

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  3. This is very illuminating. So much of our lives is lived through habits, reacting without thinking to too many events and occurrences. This adds a level of consciousness where we become more present in our own lives. Well done. Thanks for following my blog by the way. Keith

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