What happens if I die today …..

If I die today ,would I be proud of the life I lived?

Death is the one thing that puts everything else into perspective. Thinking about your own death can be the best thing you can do for your life and how you live your life before you die. Why ?

Because it forces you to reflect on some very important questions….

If I die tomorrow, was I happy? Would I be proud of the person I have become?was there love in my life? Did I give enough love ? Did I show those I loved the real me ? Did I live the life I wanted to live ? Or ,Was my life made up of things I should have let go ? How could I have brought more happiness to my life and the people I really cared about ? Could I have done things better differently ? How? Will I be missed? What will I have behind ?Will anyone on earth be better because I was there?

Thinking about your own death forces you to self-examine your life… and give you the opportunity to take responsibility for that life … for all the areas you have not been at your best ,and therefore the opportunity to decide to do better from this moment forward .

Sitting alone,with your thoughts and thinking about your passing is perhaps the healthiest thing you can do for your life ,if you want to improve it . And the truth is ,none of us know if we are going to wake up tomorrow.

None of us come here to earth with any guarantee…..

This is why we should all very often think about the only real guarantee and this is of our death.. and the possibility it might be sooner than we think ….and because of that leave nothing for tomorrow.

If you dont like who you’ve been up to this moment ..make a change and make it now.

If you have broken relationship with someone you really love,mend it now. If you can give more love ,give it .If you can play more and work less ,decide and commit to that now. If you can do anything to improve the quality of your life ,make that commitment now.

Write down everything you must change in your life now. Everything that cannot wait for tomorrow. Every phone call you need to make. Every apology . Every hug you need to give . Every you need to say .

Decide to stop caring about what other people think of you .Start living the life you really want to live .Start feeling the way you deserve to feel. Start loving the way you want to love.

Bring your defence down.Drop your guard and open your heart. Write a list of the amazing experiences you are going to commit to experience before you go.

Think about how much better all of your relationships will be when you open up, when you are your true self ,when you are present,living in the moment and let go of all care for others opinions and judgements.

Think about the amazing life you can live when you let go of society’s expectations and the seriousness most people live with. Get excited about your life .

Love your life while you are living it.

Thank you for reading…

Live the life….

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