You and I have the privilege of getting up every morning and spending time with the lord none of us know what tomorrow holds and so how do we want to start tomorrow ,how do we want to be sure ,how do we want to be able to live peacefully, confidently, bodly,productively,fruitful tomorrow by starting off the day with the one who will give us guidance and direction enable us in every single way.

What does he want first? He wants you,just you . No iPhone no telephones at all no iPad no this and that ,that all the things that jam and crowd us .

He just wants you and let me just say this to you … Don’t you think God deserves your undistracted attention and when I look at the benefits of just solitude ,just you and god ,number one ,it will make you busy days much more fruitful .

Why because,you begin the day with him and you’re listening to him and he is guiding you and leading you because you opened your heart mind to him they’re going to be more productive .

Secondly ,he repairs the damage that is let’s say you’ve had one of those days and you come you think I can’t handle him all this and what happens ….time of solitude drains all of that out and this idea of ‘I cant ‘ and’ he won’t ‘… just give him time .

It’s like something that squeezes it out of us or like he pulls the drain and it just pours our and what happens is we’re free and we’re liberated and that’s the benefit of just being alone with him.

God’s not uptight . There’s not anything about us he can’t fix and he will fix it if we give him so what it just refuels us emotionally .

He will meet you anywhere you willing to meet him and third thing is that solitude equips us to face the tough days all of us are going to have,all of us are going to have trials ,all of us are going to have heart aches ,burdens and things we have to deal with and solitude what it does .

It equips us to face confidently and assuredly without getting all nervous and upset and frantic and thinking god .

Always trust him. He will be definitely with us.

Thank you for reading .Make your day beautiful….

Published by Sivaprabha


19 thoughts on “STRENGTH FOR TODAY💪

  1. God doesn’t need anything special from us I think,, but He needs the faith in us about Him, faith and believe are different things, Faith is free of all presumptions, experiences and statistics,,, it’s pure and it doesn’t need any kind of support for its existence,, that’s what I think we should have in our mind, heart about God and His process

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  2. I know
    not me
    who god
    has made

    that god
    more masculine
    Should be nature

    we are all
    from a mother
    the oneself
    had a mother

    the spiritual man
    in his omnipotence
    of his thoughts

    important is
    that our mother
    us life
    to our birth
    has given

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