Everything happens for a Reason

Everything happens for a reason and we hear this quite often that whatever happens to us ,good or bad we say that ,you know that everything happens for a reason so relax but let’s say it again ; everything happens for a reason whatever it is ,maybe it’s not accordance to our own plans but it happens for a reason and when we say everything we cannot pick and choose.

There are some incident in life that happened to you, they probably break you physically ,they deform you physically but they transform your soul and all this happens because god wants you to become the best version of you.

Incidents happen because life happens but sometimes we were too busy expecting all the ease and comfort from life . And when some adversity comes,we wonder why this has happened to us. The first question that comes to our mind is why me?

What I personally feel as per my experiences in life is that life was never supposed to be easy .Life is a test,life is a trial and trials are never easy. So why are we expecting so much ease from life?

It’s a journey which is full of obstacles and problems but by the end of the day if we choose not to give up is what defines us. Someone said somewhere and its beautiful thing to remember always that we are living a beautiful life that we always complain about but someone somewhere in a hospital bed is dreaming to live a life that we are complaining about.

So whatever you have in your life, all the miseries and sorrows ,just embrace it with all your heart and soul and always remember that you are blessed. You have some much to be grateful for and gratitude is the key.

The person who is not bitter is a person who’s always grateful to what he has. So be grateful for what you have and you will always end up having more…

Thank you ..

Published by Sivaprabha


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