See it in your mind.Work it in your reality.

If you can see it in your mind,if you can believe it in your heart,if you have the courage to speak it , if you have the courage to own it and the desire to work for it ,you can bring it into your reality .

There is nothing off limits.

There are no limitations!

There are no limitations to those who believe and those who are willing to work for their dream.You have to see it in your mind before you can see it in your reality.

Visualise what you want

Picture everything you want so clearly in your mind until you can see it right in front of you.Create a vision board,then you will have evidence in the future. Evidence of the amazing power of your mind ,that amazing power of you.

If all you ever do is live by what in front of you, reacting to the life in front of you,you will never move beyond the life that is in front of you. You have to be able to see outside of your current situation.

You must be able to acknowledge where you are in life. But know,you are capable of creating so much more. Know that where you are right now is not your life.

Present is the result of your past decisions and past believe.

Its never to late.. move on . Have courage to ask better , to believe in better,to believe magic is on the way. Now it’s time to get what you deserve . In life we dont get what we ask for,we get what we ask and work for. Nothing in life will work without work.

But I am not talking about doing work you hate. There’s no need for that. When you do work you love,its not work,you do need to do something but you do it because you love doing it not because you have to.

And that’s where the magic is created. You add values to others by doing what you want to do and you get rewarded. What you want is not going to come to you by just dreaming about it.

If you want something ,anything in your life ,you must first know where you are and then you must know what it is going to take to get there. You make a commitment that no matter what happens I will reach that destination. If I have to go the long way ,I I’ll go the long way.

Have determination. Work hard and d you best . Maximum.

Just dreaming didn’t brings you anything. Work for it. Bring it to your reality..

Achieve it !

Thank you for reading ..

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14 thoughts on “See it in your mind.Work it in your reality.

  1. Working on our dreams with visualisation tactics and basic understanding establishes a base where we can try different experiments and long time strategies.

    Thank you for the brilliant post Sivaprabha.

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