Choose human, Not evil 😈

Good Vs Evil

If a person is hurting you again and again ,even after talking about it, that person is not improving.

If it’s been a long time since you were happy inside-out. So,just hold yourself for a few moments…

And ask yourself, did you come into relationship for all this shit ?

That one is hurting you again and again even after knowing that its hurting you constantly and how badly it has broken you down from inside.

Everything is fine,you love them,that’s fine and maybe they love you too.. But a love like this ? ,where you’re crying out loud everyday,begging some one not to hurt you everyday and is still goes on…

You dont want it, you dont need it,your parents didn’t raise you your see you suffering every single day of your life, every moment feels like a year.

You deserve to be loved,not in pain ,getting physically abused or verbally abused every day, every moment of your life.

You dont deserve it at all. Dont convince your heart to tolerate all this shit,anymore.

Get to know who is right for you and who’d not and then decide what kind of a person you would want to spend your whole life with.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs,but when relationship becomes toxic, its the right time to leave instead of trying a millionth time to fix it. May be it’s too late..

Dont fear yourself to love with someone just because you hold feelings for them, dont let your feelings decide what’s right or wrong for you.

You dont deserve the kind of love you’re getting ,so just tell them that you dont need it anymore.

So i suggest,

Choose humans , not evil who would destroy your whole life …

Thank you for reading…

Have a nice day !

Published by Sivaprabha


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