Brahma Muhurtha🕞

Many problems that human beings are suffering is simply because we have lost that awareness as to how to be in sync with the many forces.

If you become in rhythm with life,you will also wake up somewhere after 3.00 AM.

At that time ,you should sit up and do whatever process you have been initiated for,it will bear maximum fruit.

” Something phenomenal happens at 3.40AM.”

In the way the planet is spinning and what is happening,something very fundamental change somewhere between 3.20 to 3.40 AM. This is called Brahma Muhurtham.

This is relevant upto thirty-three degree latitude.

Human system functions in a certain way ;it is possibility. So here has been an awareness about making use of this possibility.

Our life is a product of many things that we call as the universe,many things that we call as existence.

So, we are a consequence of a certain phenomenal happening that we call as cosmos. We are not an individual existence. So, when we got in sync ,there things will happen.

All the many ailments,many problems that we are suffering is simply because we have lost that awareness as how to be in sync, which are making us who we are.

So ,yoga is to bring that you are in rhythm with life . If you become in rhythm with life, you will also wake up somewhere after 3.00 AM.

If you are conscious,suddenly a certain spark of aliveness will happen within you. Even if you ar in a deep sleep,you will come awake. This happens to you. This means you are falling with sync with it. Falling in sync with ‘life’.

So what should we do?

Doesn’t matter what. You must do a process for which you have been initiated for;because initiation means you are not just taught to practice,it was introduced into your system;it was implanted in our system.

So, if there is a live seed within you , if you are awake at Brahma muhurtha and sit for whatever practice is, it means maximum fruit,because of the way the planet is behaving in relation to our system

Thank you. Have a beautiful day !

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16 thoughts on “Brahma Muhurtha🕞

  1. I remembered my high school days.
    Because my teacher told about bramha muhurtham in telugu.
    Nice content dear.
    I like u r way of thinking.

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  2. Our consciousness
    is a boat
    on the sea
    of the unconscious

    mother Earth
    drives in the second
    thousands of kilometers
    through the cosmos

    our goal
    ends in dying
    the death

    in us the microcosm
    from the macrocosm
    embraced by the universe

    the things
    are outside
    the internal organs
    under the skin
    with the heartbeat
    in constant motion

    not a creature
    of the same kind
    is like another

    the certainty
    the soul
    begins before the big bang
    the universe

    Disease and problems
    should not be belittled

    Difficulties are not
    to circumnavigate
    you have to work on them

    in the dream the drama
    the one soul
    the school
    the Enlightenment
    the day the deed
    for the better
    im doing and leaving
    our movement

    we are in a dependency
    we are nature
    of nature in everything
    subject to their laws

    we are from one seed
    to the fruit

    in our mother
    at birth

    to the incarnation
    on mother earth
    among the living
    and things
    the human

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