Why crying is good for babies๐Ÿ˜ช

Crying helps a lot in communicating. Before your baby learns language, crying is the only tool to demand anything from you or take your help.

In fact, even when your baby wants a hug or cuddling,crying would be the only way to tell that to you !

Actually, if a baby never cries at all, you need to worry !โ˜น

It is quite natural for babies to cry often. A baby who is too quite all the time could be stressed up or disturbed from within .

Believe it or not ; even crying is an exercise. When a baby starts crying ,many muscles stretch and the activity works almost like a workout at the age !

Crying also helps release emotions. ….

Even for babies, crying helps in releasing the emotional baggage!

Thank you for reading !

Published by Sivaprabha


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