Singapore – one of the greenest city in the world.🌿

What I am going to tell you is exciting!

This is a Tree Supermarket .

It is a supermarket with a 150,000 products,that are all trees.These are not for sale.

All these trees are designed to be planted to make colder and combat climate change .

How? And why?

Tell me explain.

See,we all know that the earth is getting warmer and warmer and is called Global Warming.Its a real thing.Factories,cars ,pollution….these stuffs can increase the temperature levels of the world by 2 to 3 degrees and that could be deadly to many animals and humans.

And when you see all of this ,its easy to give up. It’s impossible to make the earth cooler. It will take decades and no one seems to care .

That’s what I thought until I saw these people – A group of scientists in Singapore,who thinks it’s possible to make the earth cooler.


By planting trees!

Not one but millions of trees.

See,trees make the earth cooler because they dont just shade us from the sun. Trees also sweat. First, the leaves absorb the heat from the sun then the tree takes water from the ground and the water evaporates into the air through the leaves just like sweating.

This way the trees make itself cooler just like humans.

That’s why a hot day becomes less hot when you stand under a tree. It’s very simple. Trees are natures best air conditioners. They bring down the heat they regulate the temperatures,purify the air and they store carbon in the atmosphere.

Now that is just 1 tree.

Now imagine what a million extra trees could do and this is what they are doing.

The community in Singapore is planting 1 million trees in the city right next to skyscrapers, right next to highways ,right next to homes,they are planting.

As part of the 1 million tree movement,they have planted 50,000 trees so far and a lot more to come over the coming next 10 years.

And to get to the one million goal they built their own Tree Supermarket. It’s like a nursery,where they grow trees in the hundreds of thousands. They grow them here and when they are ready they take them out put them on a trolley,and then on a truck, secure them and drive them all the way to the city to be planted and they do this every single day on public holidays,on weekends and even on Christmas breaks.

Every day, there is a tree planted . They plant everyday non-stop even on sundays(offdays) and public holidays.

And the result is astonishing. Singapore has become one of the greenest cities in the world.It has more trees than humans. On average these trees can reduce temperatures by about 2 degrees.

And in this humid and hot country like india, 2 degrees can make big difference.

Be on board !


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