” The strongest action for a women is to love herself ,be herself and shine among those who believed she could.”

A strong women is someone who isn’t afraid to share her opinion and speak truth. She speaks but doesn’t allow others problem to bring her down. She is filled with generosity,kindness ,compassion,integrity and a willingness to be vulnerable and authenticity. No matter what, she is true to herself.

The theme for this year’s International womens day is ” choose to challenge. “

The day is celebrated to recognize the social ,cultural,economic and political achievements of women also marks a call to action for acceleration gender parity.

Be the next……

Respect women. They too are capable of changing world.

W- wonderful wife

O – outstanding friend

M- Marvelous daughter

A – adorable sister

N – Nurturing mother

I wish everyone a happy women’s day❣

Thanku youπŸ€—

Published by Sivaprabha



      1. You are liking all the comments, because of which I miss people who genuinely writing me what they feel about my comments. You only tell if someone come and only like all your comments, how you will feel?

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      2. Yeah right . I agree with you . I genuinely apologise for what I have done. I told you that I wont like the posts unless I read it. But I dont used to read comments . I just did it by mistake. Sorry


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