“Chase your dream.”

Its nobody else job to chase your dream. Only you can do it !

No dreams is too big or too small to go after. A lot of people think that their dreams are impossible to achieve. This thought will force them to give up before they even start trying to achieve it .

The biggest factor that prevent people from their dreams is fear(bhaya).

If you are dedicated to your dream and is trying to achieve it,you have to block out people who are negative towards you and are trying to stop you from going after your dreams.

There are hardly few people around you who are able to motivate and give positive thoughts about your dream ,which will provide with a lot of strength and inspiration (abhaya).

Not only that,you had to be a hard worker

There will be no success without hardwork.

Get rid of doubt, which is a toxic thing to have. It has killed a lot of dreams. It will create fear and fear tends to make you run away from chasing your dream.

Finally, one day when you will be successful, you can get everything that you want.

Your dream is your dream for reason;this dream represents everything that you want so you should chase your dream and go for it.

Dream quote by famous cricket player Sachin Tendulkar

Published by Sivaprabha


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